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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

What's this?

Hello, dear readers.

You may be asking yourselves: what the heck is this? The answer is simple: this is the english version of a portuguese blog, Na Trilha de Moebius, that takes a special interest in science fiction, fantasy and other "alternative" literatures that are published in Portugal. It was created a year and a half ago and has since gone through several phases.

The current phase is informative. We take notice of what's new in Portugal (and in Portuguese) in the fields connected with the literatures of imagination, regarldess of quality, professionalism, etc. If it's published and we are informed of that publication, then we say so, be it the newest adult SF classic or a reprint of an old fairy tale.

And since the current Trilha is informative, we thought that its contents might be of interest to some (small) international audience.

Don't expect a massive flow of information, though: apart from children's fantasy and some fantastic that is closer to current mainstream literature, we don't have much to choose from every month in Portugal. This ain't no american or british market.

I leave you for now. Join us on the Moebius Track.


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